Our vision at Incredible Way is to create product formulations that help Athletes reach their potential and exceed the goals they set for themselves. Our vision is to help support nutrient timing that will give you an edge when you need it most. Our vision is to help push your body far beyond the mental limitations your mind does not think possible. At Incredible Way, we provide the landscape for product development with the combination of in house athletes and science to help you fuel your success. Dr. Peter Acs (MD, PhD) has over twenty years of experience with medical research and education that supports the goal to reach beyond the standard of sports nutrition and introduce science as the catalyst to maximize sports performance. Our vision at Incredible Way is to not just to be recognized as “just another supplement company” but an nutritional benefit for all including bodybuilding, cross training, functional training, performance athletes and hobbyist. You provide the effort and we will provide the nutrition. 

The Foundation

Joe Matyastik

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Matyastik has spent the last 12 years in sports nutrition starting in independent retail managing stores in Dallas, TX. His valuable experience in retail landed Joe a job as a regional sales manager with one of the fastest growing brands in sports nutrition. After spending six years with this top brand, and being promoted to Field sales manager, Joe took another opportunity with a top 10 industry company as the Director of Sales – Specialty Independent . Joe managed the independent retail channel along with seven regional sales reps across the U.S. Joe also spent time as the Director of sales – Specialty Independent with ONE brand managing six regional sales reps along with key independent business in Texas. Joe’s time in sports nutrition has provided the experience to lead sales and marketing development for Incredible Way Nutrition.

Peter Acs, MD, PhD

Vice President of Research & Development

Dr. Peter Acs is a Board-Certified Hematologist and Oncologist with over 23 years of experience as a researcher and practitioner. He has a PhD in Molecular and Cancer Biology, and worked at the National Cancer Institute for 6 years and was a practicing oncologist for 10 years with Florida Cancer Specialists. He holds multiple patents for innovative drug applications, and has authored and co-authored over 40 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Dr. Acs, as the founder of Nutronco, has succeeded in developing All-In-One Natural and Non-GMO nutritional supplements that are scientifically designed for people concerned with maintaining overall body health and function, patients undergoing chemotherapy, and post chemotherapy. He also leads the clinical team in developing cutting edge nutritional supplements for Aging and Brain Health, changing how nutrition is utilized in healthcare.

Kyle Shirley

Marketing Brand Manager

Kyle Shirley has spent over 11 years of his life dedicated to the sports nutrition industry. Throughout his tenure, Kyle has managed to have 7 nationally accredited personal training certifications, assisted in the research and publication of major sports nutrition articles, including journals within major personal training entities. Kyle has also spearheaded, developed and assisted in building the marketing and branding platform for over 20 sports nutrition companies, giving him high level understanding of branding effectiveness and consumer marketing know-how. Kyle's emotional connection and ability to address the sports nutrition industry with a creative eye and alternative marketing methods has provided a unique opportunity for Incredible Way Nutrition to not only be a company which stands out from the masses but one that speaks directly to the individual.